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***We will only be selling pumpkins from the wagon and holding our Fright Night Hayride fundraising events this year, 2021! All other events and activities have been postponed this year. Check back next year to see what we have going on! Thank you!***

Little farm. Big memories.​ 

Welcome to our little farm...where we hope you'll make some BIG memories!

Join us for Fallapalooza and other events as we celebrate Indiana’s changing seasons on the farm.

Visit the Farm

Purpose. Impact. Community.

This is us, the Baumans!

Our fall adventures began just a few years ago as we built our home on this land. It was such a fun experience to grow and sell pumpkins that first year, that we continued our adventure! God willing, we have big plans for our fall business in the future

and have already grown much since that first year. 

Not only is it fun for us, but we have always enjoyed the challenge of old-fashioned, honest work and working together as a family team; as well as creating with our hands and sharing our creativity with others. 

But at the core there is a greater purpose: we simply desire to work on the land we live on and utilize it to connect with and have a positive impact on our community through opportunities for special discounts, fundraising events and benefits for organizations/businesses that also have a positive impact on our community.  

We put our hearts into our work in hopes that we can provide a welcoming space for ALL to experience the beauty of Indiana's changing seasons and have the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures that can be found on a farm. We are overjoyed to welcome each and every visitor, so we're hoping you'll join us!

   Come on out and make some memories!